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Spiritual Warfare and the Greasy Shadows Ad Hoc

Spiritual Warfare and the Greasy Shadows Ad Hoc

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Joel Marquards (Dear and the Headlights, Gospel Claws, Through and Through Gospel Review) previous projects have always been special, but his latest musical project/band Spiritual Warfare and the Greasy Shadows unites a lifetime of music creation in a cross-genre sound unlike most mainstream fare.

Spiritual Warfare and the Greasy Shadows is Joel Marquard and his eclectic influences including Golden Era Bollywood, exotica, oldies, punk, and beyond take over on his most recent album. Ad Hoc is the second album by the band, and from the opening guttural wail in the first track Take It Over, it is evident that unpredictability is a theme. Sinister choir backs the track, evoking a spaghetti western with our hero in peril. Tracks like Angel of Death Donut Shop, Volcano Girls, and Death Was an Olympic Speedskater all highlight the vast spread of Marquards influences, carrying the listener through his mind. Marquards raw voice and sometimes silly lyrics overlay the cacophony of sound that borrows from all over the world, mirroring popular Indian music, classic gospel, Italian film soundtracks, and international rhythms. Somehow, Spiritual Warfare and the Greasy Shadows keep it accessible. Perhaps its due to Marquards keen ability to deftly create every sound that is heard, eschewing sampling in favor of generating the melodies, beats, and sounds organically. His ability to conjure gives the sometimes dark subject matter a lightness and whimsy not common in music today. Underlying it all is a genuine punk attitude, meshing the dissonance in ways that echo throughout the album.

A1. Take It Over A2. Angel of Death Donut Shop A3. Volcano Girls Intro A4. Volcano Girls A5. Death Was An Olympic Speedskater A6. Viewfinder B1. Showroom B2. Shook Loose B3. Money B4. Killa Jungle Cruise B5. R U Mu Killa

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  • Released: 4/21/23
  • Format: Vinyl
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  • Genre: Indie & Alternative
  • Format Detail: LP

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